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What happens to Safe T Light during a power cut?

Please refer to the numbered images at the right. The first three images show the emergency lighting unit under normal power and image 4 show Safety Light during a power cut.

  1. The unit is plugged in and the unit is charging. The torch is switched on but will not illumate during daylight unless it is removed from the charger.
  2. Here the unit is shown at night time. The unit is charging and the torch - which is switched on - has a low night light illumination.
  3. Similar to state 2 but the torch is switched off. The night light will not illuminate and the torch will not come on in a power failure.
  4. Power cut at night - the unit is not charging but the torch is now at full illumination and can easily be found and removed from its base.

Where can I use the 2 or 3 pin Safe T Light?

The new Safe T Light 2 pin model STL302 can be used in many countries across the world. In addition, the new UK version - model STL301 can be used in a surprising number of countries. Together they cover over 160 countries. Click on the drop down list below to see a list of countries and the models which will be appropriate.

301 = British 3 pin style
302 = Europlug 2 pin


Is the unit safe when the torch has been removed ?

Yes. The charging contacts that you can see in the base unit provide very low voltage - just 2.4 volts. No shock would be received by touching them. In addition, due to the design, it is almost impossible to touch the contacts in the base without using a tool of some kind.

How bright is the removable torch ?

When in its charging base, the unit is similar to a night light, giving a fairly low and diffuse light (which can be turned off by moving the torch switch to 'off'). When removed from its base unit, the full power of the torch comes into use.

Can the torch, when removed, be turned off in darkness ?

Yes. It acts just light a normal torch with a switch designed to be easily operated in one hand.

Can I buy a Safe T Light for use in USA or Australia?

The USA 120 V~60 Hz Model STL303 is available.

Can Safe T Light be used for the very young and the elderly ?

The low voltage of safety light makes this unit safer than a conventional night light. If a normal night light lens cover is broken, the exposed bulb could give a life threatening electric shock. The bulbs in the Safe T Light present no such danger.

Can you always find your torch ?

Do you have trouble finding a torch when you need one? Our SafeTLight torch has a proper home - in its charging unit, acting as an ordinary night light. Because it has a home, the Safe T Light torch is always there and fully charged when you need it most.

Will my torch work when I find it ?

Safe T Light will. As long as its kept in its housing, it is always charged and ready for use. You can use it as a torch for up to 4 hours before returning it to its base so it's great for jobs around the home and garage.

How much does the Safe-T-Light cost to run?

SafeTlight complies with the EEC ErP ECO Design Directive Phase 2 (2013) now only using 0.5 Watt.

SafeTlight uses about 1 unit of electricity every 80 days so costs Less than 50 pence a year to run!
A 60 watt bulb uses 120 times as much energy as Safe-T-Light.

Buy Safe-T-Light - RSP £17.99 inc. p&p/vat

Safe T Light is always ready for a power failure
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