Safe T Light as a rechargeable torch

SafeTlight is not just an emergency light source when the power fails - also a great little re-chargable torch.

But it's a night light - is it a good torch?

Once removed from its charging base, the SafeTLight really is a good re-chargable torch. Using the lastest LED technology instead of filament bulbs, the torch gives a long lasting and very bright light. It's also very light weight and fits the contours of the hand just right.

If you just need a handy rechargeable torch, why not get a Safe T Light and be sure in the knowledge that you can always find it, even during a power cut. It must be one of the neatest rechargeable torches on the market and you get the emergency lighting function as a bonus.

Buy Safe-T-Light - RSP £17.99 inc. p&p/vat

SafeTLight is a very useful rechargable torch
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