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Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, March 2014

The Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust carried out a risk assessment and said "we learned that there needed to be 'local' third line systems of backup power-cut lighting" and after market and clinical suitability testing chose SafeLight - and purchased 200 units. See the full article published in Hospital Management March 2014

In the Press:

CHOICE Magazine February 2008 - Click on the link to download the PDF of their article about the SafeTLight

From Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Dear Mr Haines

Thank you for sending us the sample of Safe-T-Light.

The Surrey Fire and Rescue service is committed to improving the safety of Surrey residents and we applaud anyone that joins us in this task.

We have had a good look at Safe-T-Light and … we think Safe-T-Light is a very good idea … that may improve safety generally especially in the event of a fire.

Wishing you the very best of luck in this venture.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (letter: 22 January 2007)

If you saw Safe-T-Light's inventor, Chris Haines, on Dragon's Den (7 March 2007) then you might like to read this comment:

I would just like to say that we watched Dragons Den last week and saw the Safe-T-Light and thought how marvellous it was. From the description given we understood what the light did, but at least one Dragon got it completely wrong. This light is not a torch you have to search for in the dark when the power goes off. This is a light that actually produces light when the power goes off so that you can see where it is, and then lift it off to use as a torch. Absolutely marvellous.

Wish my mum had had one when she fell out of bed during a power cut. We shall certainly be purchasing one at least.

Mrs Crimmons (email: March 2007)

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If you have any doubts of the importance of Safe-T-Light then read this:

“A few days ago we had a power failure when I was part way down my stairs, a potentially very dangerous situation. The Safe-T-light I purchased in September on the landing was functioning and thankfully lit the stairs but because of the shape of the landing, did not illuminate the entire stairway.

I would therefore like to order another Safe-T-light to fit in the hall, please find cheque enclosed.

A few years ago one of my friends was staying over night with her daughter got up in the night, fell down the stairs and died, I am therefore very conscious of the value of emergency lighting during a power failure.

I congratulate you on your invention which I am sure will save lives, please send me some leaflets to pass on to friends and neighbours and my very best wishes for your success”.

B. K, Gloucestershire (letter: 5th January 2007)

Dear (sorry cannot remember the name)

It was so amazing that only a day after we had purchased one of your Safe-T-Lights ... we saw the inventor on Dragons Den. Well done to get backing from two of the Dragons and we wish you all the best for even greater success.

We are delighted with our light and it has made a difference to not only my husband and I but also to our grandchildren when they stay ... My husband used to use this huge torch to avoid putting the lights on and waking me up. It was also a nuisance having a bright light on all night long when the children stayed with us so as you can imagine, your light has made a great improvement to our life.

I will certainly spread the word to all of our friends and will be buying more of the product. The remaining Dragons got it so wrong!!

Good Luck

Pat & Paul Rogenhagen
Andover (email: March 2007)

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No question but just wanted to say Thank you for a super fast response to our problem with the lights for our practice. We really appreciate the replacements and would definitely recommend your product. Cheers.

Trish, Surrey (email: February 2013)

Just a thank you for the excellent service and great little product. I recently purchased a number of Safe T Lights for both my own house and my elderly mother's. The day after I fitted them my mother's house was subject to an 11 hour power cut which although only affecting about 30 houses could have been very serious and distressing for an 87 year old lady living on her own. In my view your emergency lights have paid for themselves in their first day of operation. We have put four lights in each house at strategic points and feel a lot more secure already. Also I travel a lot so will include one in my travel kit. They have a lot of additional uses. Well done and I can strongly recommend them. Very few people don't need at least one!!

Trevor, Southampton (email February 2013)

Good luck with sales of a brilliant 'gadget'

R. Klein, Bedford (letter: January 2006)

“I am so pleased with my Safe-T-light, thank you will you please send one to my Aunt at the following address”

K Gathwaite, Bristol (letter: February 2006)

“It's such a brilliant idea, I absolutely love it”

Kara, South London (T.V. show audition: February 2006)

“It is neat, tidy and unobtrusive, a great piece of kit!"

Frank Duckmanton, Nottinghamshire (email: March 2006)

“the Safetlight is a superb safety product that’s not just limited to emergency use”

Phil Davy, Somerset (Magazine editorial March 2006)

“We are delighted with our Safe-T-Light! Please despatch one to my Father”

G. Stoneham, Kent (letter: April 2006)

"This product will save lives"

Judges at the British Invention Show, Alexandra Palace, 2006. (Inventor Chris Haines received British Invention 2006 Double Gold Award for Safe-T-Light)

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"Can I congratulate you on a superb product, I have just purchased one of your SafeTlights and it is ingenious"

Amy Bushell (email: 12 October 2006)

"Where do I buy this wonderful light? We first saw it at friends who bought one for Christmas, we like it so much we need to buy two more"

J. Wales, Bishops Stortford (email: 3 January 2006)

"A few years ago one of my friends was staying overnight with her daughter, got up in the night, fell down the stairs and died, I am therefore very conscious of the value of emergency lighting during a power failure.

I congratulate you on your invention which I am sure will save lives, please send me some leaflets to pass on to friends and neighbours and my very best wishes for your success"

B. K., Gloucestershire (letter: 5 January 2007)

"We purchased a SafeTlight last weekend, just to say super product!"

P. Morris (email:16 October 2006)

I purchased two Safe T Lights this year and I have been very pleased with them. In rural Scotland power cuts are not uncommon and the value of the Safe T Light has been demonstrated more than once already.

R Bolton Aberdeenshire (email: 4 October 2011)


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